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Grenada Industrial Development Corp.
Frequenté Industrial Park
St. George's
Grenada, West Indies

Phone: 1 (473) 444-1033-35
Fax: 1 (473) 444-4828







Grenada Electricity Services Ltd (GRENLEC), a private limited liability company is the sole provider of electricity for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.




230 volts, single phase, 50Hz cycles & 400 volts, 3 phase, 50Hz cycles.



 Monthly charge computed as follows:











 Domestic Customer

 Commercial Customer

 Industrial Customer

Applies to

Electricity supplied to a residential property for non-commercial activities

Electricity supplied for non-residential or business activities

Electricity supplied for industry or where electric motors have an aggregate maximum power output rating of 5 or more horse power and are not normally used between 6.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m.

Government Charges


15% of non-fuel charge after the first 99 units consumed.

15% of non-fuel charge

15% of non-fuel charge

Environmental Levy

Less than 99 units - $0

99 – 149 units - $1.84

150 units & above - $3.68



Fuel Charge

Calculated monthly

Calculated monthly

Calculated monthly

Non-fuel Charge

$0.1526 (cents per unit)

Minimum - $1.4723

$0.1646 cents (per unit)

$0.1206 cents (per unit)


Floor Area Charge (per 50 sq. feet of floor area)


.07 cents (per month)


Horsepower Charge



$0.7361 (per horsepower)

Minimum - $3.68

Source: Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (GRENLEC)

* All rates are quoted in USD currency.


Application Requirements for Obtaining Electricity Connection



1.     A certificate of approval from the Government Electrical Inspectorate is required.

2.     Valid identification of applicant (voter's registration ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.) should be presented.  Where application is made through an agent, agency documentation or authorisation is required.

3.     Completion and submission of an Application for Electricity form.

4.     Payment of appropriate customer deposit and connection fees.

5.     For commercial applications being made in company, business or trading name, the letter of authorisation must be presented on the company's official letterhead.  The company's stamp must be used on the application form.

6.     All balances on suspended accounts should be paid before application is processed.



Procedures for Connection

  1. The applicant or representative presents the certificate of inspection to the Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. and fills out the prescribed form.
  2. The distance from the nearest pole to the premises will be measured by GRENLEC in keeping with the company’s policy of connection without additional charges to premises within 100 ft of the nearest utility pole for commercial and industrial customers and 300 ft for residential customers.
  3. The applicant is then required to pay the necessary consumer deposit and connection fees based on the type of supply and estimated consumption. A fee of US$38 is charged for single phase connections to domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Three phase connections to commercial and industrial properties are charged a fee of US$132. The customer deposit required for connection is usually twice the amount of the estimated monthly bill. This estimation is derived from taking into consideration the number of lights and circuit on the premises.
  4. In cases where the connection required is beyond 300 ft. of the main line, an estimate for the cost of that extension must be requested by the customer and connection will proceed after proper authorization from the accounts department and/or upon payment of connection fee and consumer deposit. The customer is responsible for purchase of the pole in these instances.
  5. Where an agent is making the application on behalf of a company or business, a letter of authorization must be presented with the company’s official letterhead and the company’s stamp must be affixed to the application form.




The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) provides clean, safe, pipe borne water from a series of catchments, rivers and deep wells.

Procedures for Connection

  1. Application form must be filled (Available from the NAWASA offices)
  2. A site visit is conducted by NAWASA to estimate the connection cost
  3. The customer is required to pay the estimated connection cost
  4. Upon payment the water supply is connected


Service Delivery

Connection of water supply is within four (4) weeks.





Tariff Structure (gal./mth.)

Variable Rate (US$/1,000 gal.)

Fixed Monthly Charge (US$)




Less than 2, 800


2,800 - 5,500


Greater than 5,500




Below 2,800 gals/mth. - 5.52          2,801 - 20,000 gals/mth. - 12.42

20,001 - 100,000 gals/mth. -51.53     Over 100,000 gals/mth. - 202.44




Source: National Water and Sewage Authority (NAWASA)

* All rates are quoted in USD currency.




The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Grenada was established pursuant to the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) Treaty (Act 30 of 2000) and the Telecommunications Act No. 31 of 2000 and is responsible for regulating the liberalized telecommunications market in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


Grenada boasts of a modern state-of-the-art telecommunication sector with both fixed and mobile line telecom markets with two (2) major players i.e. Cable & Wireless (Grenada) Limited and the Digicel Grenada Limited.


Telecom Services offered in Grenada:

  • Internet
  • Data Services
  • Domestic Telecom Products/Features
  • Business Systems/ Features
  • Card Services
  • Roaming
  • Mobile


Rates & Pricing

Local Calls and Rates (Per Minute in US$)


Fixed Line to Fixed Line










Fixed Line to Mobile




$0.29 per minute


$0.28 per minute


$0.28 per minute


International Calling Rates (Per Minute in US$)










0.17¢ - 0.33¢

0.17¢ – 0.33¢

0.17¢ - 0.33¢


0.32¢ - 0.37¢

0.32¢ - 0.37¢

0.32 ¢- 0.37¢

USA, Canada, UK

0.36¢ - 0.61¢

0.36¢ - 0.37¢

0.36 ¢- 0.37¢

Rest of the World

0.49 ¢- 0.61¢

0.46¢ – 0.49¢

0.46¢ –0.49¢



Procedures for applying for Land Line Telephone Service (Cable and Wireless)

  1. Complete and sign application form (can be obtained from any of the offices).
  2. Present valid identification(Passport, National ID Card, Driver’s License)
  3. Pay installation fee of US $84.66
  4. Pay minimum deposit of US $55.21 (if you are not the property owner).
  5. Pay security deposit of US $184.030 (if you are a non-national).


Service Delivery

Delivery is within nine (9) working days for residential customers and four (4) working days for business customers.


Transportation & Distribution



The Grenada Ports Authority is responsible for the operation and administration for sea ports within the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


Ports of Entry (Grenada)

  • St. George's- nearly all of Grenada’s container traffic is handled through the Port of St. George’s. This facility provides 1,100 ft of continuous berth from oceangoing shipping and five (5) acres of container handling and Storage Park.
  • Grenville - This port is located 12°7’N, 61°37’W. The port has single pier with a depth alongside of 3.0 metres at its head. Vessels over 3.0 metres of draught can anchor within the outer reef.
  • Prickly Bay- The port is located 12°00’N, 61°45.7’W on the southern coast of the mainland at Lance aux Epines. Prickly Bay is a port of entry for yachts and contains a modern full service marina with a 35 ton travel hoist.
  • St. David’s- This port is located 12°0.63’N, 61°40.96’W from Little Bacolet point to St. David’s Point at 12°0.78’N, 61°40.51’W . The port may be used only by yachts.


  • Tyrrel Bay- This port is located 12°27’N, 61°29’W. At this port, vessels can anchor in 9.1 to 27.45 metres in the northern outer part of the bay. There is a 90 metre long jetty at the northern end of the beach and a tanker terminal to the south of the jetty. Pilotage is compulsory for tankers over 100 grt with at least 24 hours notice required.
  • Hillsborough- The port of Hillsborough is located 12°’N, 61°28’W on the west coast of the island of Carriacou between Jack-a dan and Sandy Islet.

Port Services

  • Berthing
  • Cargo receipt
  • Storage & delivery
  • Cargo sorting
  • Chart sales
  • Container rentals
  • Delivery of containers to consignees premises
  • Equipment hire for cargo handling
  • Mooring buoys, mooring or running lines
  • Pilotage
  • Stripping or unstuffing containers
  • Water sales and navigational aid

Port rates

These rates are applied under the legislation of SRO#12 of 1997. 



Category Charges

Storage Dues


General Break Bulk Cargo:


General bulk stored for the first 5 working days – Free                                                                       General bulk remaining after free time period - $0.68 per ton per day

All goods stored in open areas except sealed containers will incur additional storage charge equivalent to 5% of the storage incurred


Goods in Containers


container 10’

container 20’

container 40’

container 45’

Up to the first 2 days





Day 3 and after









20 ft. container - $88.06

Per ton - $6.77


Sorting of goods on pallets assigned to different consignees - $6.77

Forklift Charge



20 ft. container - $88.06

Per ton - $6.77


Sorting of goods on pallets assigned to different consignees - $6.77

Terminal Use


Bulk and Break Bulk - $1.35 per ton

Containerized Cargo**:

- 10 ft box - $13.62

- 20 ft box - $27.24

- 40ft box - $54.19

- 45ft box- $61.10

** Rates are subject to a 15% charge for high cube boxes

Ship to Truck

General cargo-$0.17 per ton

- Break bulk (cement) - $0.14 per ton

- Frozen goods-$0.10 per ton

- Container- $6.89 per metric ton

Source: Grenada Port Authority

* All rates are quoted in USD currency.

Shipping Agents

There are a number of shipping agents in Grenada. The following is a list of the agents, the shipping lines represented and country of origin:



Paddy’s Shipping
Norpoint-Guyana, Eastpack- St. Vincent, Benrose-Dominica, Stenguard- St. Vincent, Jaden-T - St. Vincent, Safiya- St. Vincent, Carmen Cecilia-Venezuela, Anita – St. Vincent, Von-tim Dominica, Elita- St. Vincent, Munie Chandra- St. Vincent.



Otway’s Shippping
Admiral Bay- St. Vincent, Lady Grace 2- St. Vincent, Goncalo St. Vincent, Patri- St. Vincent



Strategic Alliance
Ocean Princess –Trinidad, Style- St. Vincent, Anora- St. Vincent, Anjijang- St. Vincent, Andajian- St. Vincent



George F. Huggins
Anina-St. Vincent, Tropical- St. Vincent, Stena-Caribbean- London, Stena Calypso- U.K, Whistler-Malta, Edsel- Hong Kong



Jonas Browne Hubbards
Johnnie Lambros- St. Vincent, Geestline Cold Stream- Netherlands, Santa Catharina- Bahamas
Santa Lucia- Netherlands, Marcliff- Antigua, Westerland- Antigua, Franklin Strait- Antigua, Nera- Antigua



W. E. Julien & CO Ltd
Seapack, Seafreight Zim –Miami St. Lucia Trinidad, Grenada, Jamaica

St. John Agency
Scol- Malta, CMA/ CGM Caracas- Antigua, CMA/CGM, Balsa- Panama, Sea explorer- Antigua, Lewbro- Panama, CIC Brazil- Bahamas, Gatun- Panama.



International Freight Forwarders

Cargo Consolidators Agency Grenada Ltd., Roberts Agency, Caribbean American Shipping



Ship Registration

Registration of Grenadian ships is governed by the Shipping Act of 1994 and the Shipping (Registration) Regulations SRO51 of 1997.


All Grenadian ships over 24 meters LOA must be registered in the port registry, St. George’s if they are to be taken outside of Grenadian waters or if a mortgage is required. A ship may be registered only by qualified persons that is; any citizen of Grenada, any public body of Grenada and anybody incorporated or not which is authorized by the relevant Minister. At least 11/16th of the shares in a ship must be owned by qualified persons before the vessel is eligible for registration.


Documentation to be provided:

  • Application form for registration
  • Declaration of ownership
  • Bill of sale for vessel
  • Notice of proposed ship’s name
  • Declaration of appointment of managing owner or manager
  • Proof of survey for ships over twenty (20) years old
  • Builder’s certificate for new ships

Upon successful registration, a certificate of registry is issued together with an official number which must be displayed on the ship. Any changes in details of registry must be notified to the Registrar.




Grenada’s main airport, Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) which is managed by the Grenada Airport Authority has excellent connections with North America and Europe via direct flights and other Caribbean islands. MBIA is located just south of St. George’s and close to the island’s hotel and tourism belt. The airport is capable of handling large commercial jets for both day and night landings.


A smaller airport is located in the sister isle of Carriacou and is utilized for inter-island services.



Scheduled Passenger Airlines

International Airlines American Airlines – flights from Miami and New York

American Eagle - flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Air Jamaica – flights from New York

Delta - Three weekly flights to Grenada from New York

British Airways - one weekly flight to Grenada from London

Condor - one weekly flight

Thomas Cook -one weekly flight

Virgin Airways - one weekly flight from London


Interregional Airlines

Liat Airlines - Daily flights

Caribbean Airlines

Saint Vincent and Grenadines - Flights to Carriacou

Cubana Airlines - once weekly

Charter Passenger Airlines

Trans Meridian


Scheduled Cargo Airlines

Amerijet Int’l- Twice weekly

DHL – Twice per day, weekly

Merlin Air (FedEx) - Daily

Charter Cargo Airlines

Liat (1974) (Quik Pak)

Source: Grenada Airport Authority


Aircraft Refueling:


Texaco West Indies Grenada Ltd


Average airfare cost from Grenada to:

  • Trinidad: US $125
  • Barbados: US $147
  • St. Vincent: US $120


Ground Transportation

Grenada has a comprehensive road network that allows any part of the island to be reached within two hours from St. George’s. Public transportation is available from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Taxi services, vehicle rental agencies, airport ground handlers and Aviation Services of Grenada Ltd are also available.


Average cost of transportation to tourism belt from Airport - US $15


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